Building a Blog

1 min read

I wanted to build a simple, performant blog to document things. This very website was the result of this, and it is built with Hugo. I absolutely love Hugo and static sites in general. If your website can be static, it should be static. And with the help of Decap CMS and GitLab’s PKCE authorization, one can now edit the static website’s content through a web UI. The best part? All of this costs less than a dollar a month. Just the domain registration fee.

Quoting GitLab: “Static sites’ advantages include speed, security, and SEO. They’re also easy to maintain and highly scalable. Because the static site generators store an already-compiled page on a CDN, they load a lot faster.”

This is a great solution for small businesses, bloggers, etc. – basically anyone who does not need to serve content dynamically.

I will be updating the features and style of this blog as I see fit. Currently, I’m thinking of implementing utterances for a comment system.