Building a Blog

I wanted to build a simple, performant blog to document things. This very website was the result of this, and it is built with Hugo. I absolutely love Hugo and static sites in general. If your website can be static, it should be static. And with the help of Decap CMS and GitLab’s PKCE authorization, one can now edit the static website’s content through a web UI. The best part? All of this costs less than a dollar a month.

Building a Chat App

This was my first project involving WebSocket protocol, or rather, Socket.IO’s interface for WebSocket protocol. I used Node, Express, and React and deployed it using Cloudflare and Socket.IO’s documentation made the development process a breeze. You can use it by going to Enter any set of characters (except a forward slash) in the top input bar where it says “join a room”. Press enter/return to navigate to that room.